Frequently Asked Questions


How many Births have you attended?

I typically attend between 25-30 births a year. I try to only take two pregnant clients a month as to provide well for my laboring mothers and not neglect my own family. I’ve been working “full time” as a doula since 2013 and part time since 2004. I’m attended over 250 births (as of the end of 2018).

What Got you into this work?

A friend asked me to join her for her birth in 2004. I really enjoyed helping her and her husband make it calmer event. After that I completed training by DONA (Doulas of North America) in 2007.

What can we expect for a first birth?

A lot of hard work both by mother and partner. A first birth can easily last 24 hours. It’s good to have the support for both mother and father to see this for the long haul it is! You can do it! Get the support you need.

When does a Doula start to provide support?

As soon as you hire her! I offer continuous phone call support during your pregnancy. Continuous in person support during labor. And one month of phone call support postpartum. You’ll navigate all sorts of new things during that time. Be supported!

How many clients do you take a month?

I take two birth clients a month.

When Do I call you in labor?

I like a text or a phone call when you think you are in early labor. As soon as you need me in active labor, I will be able to arrive.

How much does a Birth Doula Cost?

$900. This includes prenatal visits, labor support, breastfeeding support, one postpartum visit in your home and weekly phone support until your baby is one month old. Depending on when you hire me, you may be getting 10 months of support for this price!

What is a Birth Circle?

A safe, calm environment to listen and share birth stories. Sometimes we have a special guest share about things that can impact birth. In the past we have had a chiropractor, a yoga instructor, a stillbirth doula, a dietitian, and a postpartum depression expert to name a few.

How Do I find the Birth Circle?

The BIRTH Circle meets the first Thursday of each month at the OSF Breastfeeding Center in Peoria. It’s Free!